Most Used Wedding Music

It starts with the sound of the organ striking a few high notes and everybody in the church turns to get that first look as the bride coming in with her father and her entourage of maids. Brides have always walked to this tune, one of the oldest weddings songs ever created.
Felix Mendelssohns’s “Wedding March” written in 1842 did not become popular until it was used for the royal wedding of the time for the then Princess Victoria. We all know it so well as it is engrained into our DNA and will always come up when wedding planning as to whether it will be used or not but from what I have seen lately as a photographer covering various weddings rich and poor the tune has changed.
Now this article is not going to focus on the royal weddings too much but I can’t ignore them either but touch on them as they do influence not only music but setting the fashion trend as well. Let’s rewind a little first to 29th July 1981 to Princess Diana & Prince Charles royal wedding.

Very traditional and opened with the “Trumpet Voluntary” by Jeremiah Clarke 1700 and really set the tone to the patronage of a sovereign wedding march. So through the 80’s things were pretty traditional and most church weddings always referred back to Felix. When the 90’s came about formality had changed and eased up a little as it was far simpler to have your wedding in a hotel or venue.
When the venue changed and moved out of the church the music also changed. Finally brides to be can now personalise their entire wedding theme, and although the wedding of Kate and Will influenced the fashion scene. The music scene was very much alive with a huge abundance of meaningful songs that would cater for the ear of each bride to be.
When I am photographing weddings I always keep a notepad to hand besides my camera(s) and take not of the bride’s arrival music, departure and first dance of the night. It helps me later on when I am putting together a presentation for the happy couple. So I felt it would be useful to anyone that’s interested to see my take on things so far. If this little wedding music collection helps another bride with their wedding planning I would not have wasted my time!
Wedding songs used up to the year 2000
Seal – Kiss from a rose (Batman)
Celine Dion – My heart will go on (the Titanic)
Lionel Ritchie and Diana Ross – Endless love (Endless Love ’81)
Whitney Houston – I will always love you (The Body Guard)
Gavin Friday – Angel (Romero & Juliet)
The Righteous Brothers – Unchained Melody (Ghost)
Roxette – It must have been love (Pretty Woman)
Aerosmith – I don’t want to miss a thing (Armageddon)
David Bowie – As the world falls down (The Labyrinth)
Pachelbel’s Canon in D major
OK, so looking at this list it seems the movies are the biggest influence here and this makes sense as besides a boom in the computing and gaming industry, watching movies was also a heavy contender in the 90’s and 2000’s.
Wedding Songs used in the year 2000 onwards
Take That – Rule the world (Startdust)
Christina Perri – A thousand years (Twilight)
Lonestar – Amazed
Enrique Iglesias – Hero (Smallville, Scrubs)
Beyoncé – Halo
Shania Twain ft Backstreet Boys – From this Moment
Blink-182 – What’s my age again
Pachelbel’s Canon in D major
Your Song by Elton John (Acoustic Version the Moon Loungers)
Seal – Kiss from a rose (Batman)
The Beatles – Love is all you need (Love Actually)
Well there it is, most used wedding songs and as you can see from the last list as technology has changed and music is more widespread than ever before the list has become more diverse over time. I will certainly update this article again later on and see what I can add.
By James McConnachie Photography
Wedding Photography for London, Herts & Essex

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