Wedding Limo Hire – 5 Simple Strategies to Save You Money

Planning your wedding day is an exciting experience. But did you know that a 2014 survey revealed that the average Sydney wedding costs around $70,000. That’s right – Seventy Thousand Dollars!
There is no doubt that Sydney-siders are in for a hefty wedding bill. In fact this figure is nearly double the amount of the average Australian wedding which comes in at $36,200.
In reducing your overall wedding bill there are lots of strategies you can use to lower costs without skimping out on quality. Take for instance the cost of hiring a wedding limousine.
By following these 5 simple strategies you can save money on your wedding limo hire and still enjoy the luxurious style and comfort that this service has to offer.
1. Plan Ahead
When most people think of a wedding limo they think of the typical white stretch limousine. This is a great addition to a wedding as the white matches the traditional colour of the wedding dress and overall white theme. However limousine companies often provide much more choice than just a standard white stretch limo in their fleet of vehicles.
Luxury sedans, old vintage classic cars, exotic sports cars and the popular stretch Hummer are just a few of the other hire car alternatives that are provided by limousine companies. All with their own chauffeur so you can sit back and enjoy the ride. So what has all of this got to do with planning ahead?
Think about it. The longer you wait before making your booking the higher the chance of other people booking limousines on your wedding date. As other people make bookings what you will find is that they end up choosing all the lower priced vehicles first. So when you finally get around to making your booking, you end up having fewer vehicle options available to choose from, and these vehicles are typically the most expensive models in their fleet.
Sure you may get a more impressive vehicle but you will be paying the price for it. And if you would have been happy with the lower cost vehicle you lost your chance as you waited too long to make your booking.
So the key point with this strategy is to plan ahead. You will get more choice of available limousine vehicles and you can save money by booking a lower priced wedding hire car.

2. Ask for any Special Deals
Limo companies often have discounts and special deals running to increase their bookings. The deal could be at various times of the year or some other random occasion when they are having a special offer.
Now here is the funny thing. Sometimes a limo companies website may not be up to date and sometimes the phone operators forget to mention their current deals or specials.
So whenever you are speaking with a limo company ask them if they have any current deals or special offers. This alone could save you hundreds of dollars by choosing a company with a special as opposed to one without.
3. Combine Your Bookings for More Savings
Even if your limo company states they do not have any current specials, if you have a large order they are sure to negotiate with you to secure your booking.
For instance your wedding day may require more than just one limo. You may need one for the bride and groom, another for the groomsmen and a third for the bridal party. Also you may be considering hiring a limo for the bucks night and the hens night. Straight away a simple one limo booking for the wedding day can turn into 3 bookings with multiple cars across all bookings.
Now you have some leverage to negotiate a lower cost across all bookings. Combining bookings is a sure-fire way to save money on limousine bookings and the same goes for repeat business.
4. Request One Pickup Point
Having the limousine drive around and pickup multiple passengers all over Sydney is an easy way to blow out your limo hire costs. Instead arrange for all the limo passengers to meet at a central location and get the chauffeur to meet you in one location for the pickup.
This is an easy way to reduce your overall limo hire costs. Not to mention that the exciting limo ride will start right away. You will not have to spend time collecting everyone before the party really gets started.
5. Book the “Right” Time
Your limo bill will become a product of location, distance travelled and time spent. However what most people do not know is that going over your agreed time results in heavy penalty rates. This can really blow out your overall wedding limo costs.
When booking your limo for your wedding day it is safer to book the limo for a little bit extra time than is required. Even paying for an extra hour or two can save you money in the long run.
For example it is quite common for an unforeseen incident to occur which can delay your wedding day and result in your limo booking going over by as little as 30mins. The overtime penalty rates associated with such an event can be devastatingly high and this is common among most of the limousine companies.
To save money with this strategy make sure you are aware of the penalty rates before booking. Then to be safe book a little more time than is required. If on the day you realise that you are running ahead of time you can always use up the extra time by going on an extended joy ride and soaking up your limo experience.
Reducing wedding day costs is well within your reach. Use these 5 simple strategies to reduce the costs of your wedding limo hire without compromising on quality. Above all have fun and remember this is a day you are going to remember for the rest of your lives. In fact is signifies the start of your new life together. Overall make sure you treat the planning of this day with the respect and dedication it deserves. I wish you the best with your wedding day plans and your new life together.
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Tips To Get The Best From Your Wedding Photographer

Professional wedding photographers can be a great investment for your big day. When you make it easy for your wedding photographer, you can be sure to have great wedding photos in the end. The results you get from your wedding photographer will be as good as the preparations that you have made for him to do what he does best with ease.
Be Reasonable With Timing When Engaging With Your Wedding Photographer
It can be frustrating for a professional to arrive on time only to find that nothing is ready for the shoots to begin. This is especially very important when working on a limited wedding photography package since it can determine the number of photos you can have during the time covered by the package.
When giving your timings to the photographer, be sure to add extra time to it since there is no telling what might take longer than expected or what will go wrong when least expected.
Make Sure Your Wedding Photographer Is Well Fed Before The Ceremony
This is something that can be as simple as including him on your guest list. A hungry photographer might not be the best to work with, especially considering the pressures that can come with trying to arrange people to get the best photos on your big day. You can have the photographer attended to as soon as he arrives to get him ready for the big day on a high note.

This is also a simple way of keeping excuses at bay during the wedding event when he feels the need to go grab a bite away from the location or wedding venue. When you include him on the guest list, it ensures that he can easily find his way around and be among the most important people to you thus getting the very best of the day.
Choose The Best Wedding Venue And Let Your Wedding Photographer Check It Out Before The Wedding
The best thing about engaging your wedding photographers in the venue choice can fetch you professional advice on how to set it up so that the best shots can be got on the big day. For instance, if it is an outdoor wedding, the pro can advise on where to best set up the ceremony area and reception area so that lighting can be amazing even for the photos.
A venue with beautiful features such as beautiful natural landscapes and well-manicured lawns and flower gardens can ease the work of the photographer in getting stunning wedding photos on your behalf. Consider the color schemes when choosing the venue to the perfect shots.
Fill In The Wedding Photographer On Your VIP Guests
In as much as everyone you have invited to the wedding is important to you, you can include people who mean a lot more to you such as your parents, siblings and your best friend among anyone else. When you hire a wedding photographer, his aim will be to capture anything that is interesting and this can leave out some of the most important people during the event.
You can familiarize the photographer to your family members before the wedding through simple meetings or use of recent photos. This way, he will be in a better position to know the people to focus more on during the event.
It can be sad to go through your wedding photos and you can’t trace your most important guests like parents on smart stunning photos. Let the photographer understand what’s most important to you for focused photos in the end.
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Weddings in Hawaii With Honeymoon Packages – What to Look For When Getting Married in Hawaii

When getting married in Hawaii there are advantages in considering a wedding package that includes the honeymoon accommodations. since you have to stay someplace anyway, the Hawaii honeymoon haven is a good place to begin your destination wedding planning. Start by finding a personable local wedding planner that can not only create soulful ceremonies, perform stunning live music, make arranges for flowers, photography, video, offer easy instructions for obtaining wedding licenses and whatever your heart desires… But can also recommend the perfect honeymoon suggestions and tailor complete packages around your honeymoon location.
Having a Simple Wedding is a common ‘modus operandi ‘ for a lot of couples. Nothing simplifies a wedding/honeymoon vacation more than having the honeymoon right where you would want to spend most of the time on your destination wedding so that you wouldn’t even need to rent a car for your whole romantic tropical island getaway. The average US driver could circumnavigate the entire planet every 18 months, so taking a week or two off driving sounds very sexy. Also considering you could spend nearly all that time without shoes and be practically naked if your Honeymoon Luv nest was on the beach here in Hawaii, especially on Maui where Hawaii’s best beaches are.
There many choices to tantalize one’s dreamy appetite with white sand beaches right out your door with azure clear blue water to snorkel and sup your days away and plenty of trendy & fun places to eat and drink just a romantic stroll away. At night you will be lulled to sleep by the sound of waves gently lapping the shores right outside your honeymoon haven.
With this kind of location your wedding and honeymoon has many inspiring options that are ‘just a few sandy steps away’. You can have an early morning wedding with an easy stroll from your ‘luv nest’ to your beach wedding site.
Photography and video favor early mornings in order to best capture the ocean and offshore islands for vivid backgrounds to the well ‘lit by the sun’ wedding party. Morning weddings are always less crowded and you should scout out a nice spot prior to the wedding to confirm the exact time the sun clears your chosen spot. Another ‘bonus’ with a honeymoon suite on the beach is, after starting the day with a dream wedding on the beach with stunning photography to capture the magical ‘Just Maui’d Moments’ and well-lit Ocean views, saunter back to your honeymoon luv nest just a few sandy steps away and enjoy a ‘honeynoon’… You would be just like a honeymooner, just a little bit sooner!

After a nice long refreshing nap, you can meander over to your Wedding reception ether on location or at another incredibly inspiring place. Don’t forget to have professional photography to capture those world-famous Hawaiian Sunsets plus candid shots of the joy and emotions of your guests while they enjoy Live Music that speaks to the Heart and Soul. Later that night you can enjoy your 2nd honeymoon!
Honeymoon suites right on the beach may cost a little bit more, but you’ll enjoy them a whole lot more… It’s a bargain nevertheless. In my adventurous opinion, the absolute best choice for a real Tropical Island Emerson experience is to rent the cabins at Olowalu for a week, this is absolutely the most cost-effective choice for wedding party accommodations up to 36 with optional receptions for an additional 114 reception guests.We live here on Maui, but this is where we take our yearly vacation! You can see the awesome coral bank ocean view from inside your cabin. You step out your back door right on to white sandy beach. With snorkel in hand, it’s just a few sandy steps away from one of the more colorful and vivid underwater snorkeling experiences on the island and when you take walks up or down the beach from your cabins, you will not see any condos or other touristy distractions for as far as the eye can see; this is truly a one of a kind oasis here on Maui.
OK, even in cabins, camping out is not for everyone so the next best deal on honeymoons for wedding parties up to around 10 or so is to rent a nice house for the week. For about the same price of the average nice place on the beach for two, the entire wedding party can live nicely in a well accommodated house. These are typically nearly million dollar homes with nice views and are within a short walk to world-class beaches. For further savings, you can buy groceries and prepare food just like at home and even host your own world-class wedding reception with the help of catering so you can enjoy your big day without cooking!
Whatever your budget, consider the location of the honeymoon as a central starting point when planning your destination wedding in Hawaii. Make it really personable by hiring a groovy grass-roots ‘mom & pop’ luv biz, because the mega-marrying marathons the big brother marketing giants put on often lack in delivering a personal heartfelt ceremony and will certainly charge heaps.
If your Destination Wedding Dreams include a Beach Wedding consider coming to Maui and get Married at a True Tropical Island Paradise – Hawaii’s Best Wedding Beaches are on Maui, so plan your Dream Wedding around your Honeymoon Hideaway! Bobbie Jo and this article’s author Roger Curley have a deep connection to the ocean and the Tropical Islands they have sailed to and lived among during their nearly 4 years of Sailing Adventures. Roger experienced a 30+ year career in Hollywood’s Film, TV and Audiophile recording industry while Bobbie Jo has been performing Harp and Vocals at Wedding Ceremonies for over 30 years as well.. We bring our highly technical photography, video and worldly experiences together for Simply Elegant Dream Weddings on a Tropical Island Beach. A ‘Tried and True’ locally based Mom and Pop – One Stop Shop!

All About Weddings

When it comes to your wedding plans, covering all the possibilities available may seem like a daunting task. In fact, listing all the different possibilities could not be done in an article which would include the size, scope, budget, location, bride and groom choices, themes and all the other aspects that fall under what weddings can be.
However, there are basic ways to break down the different parts of the wedding so that you can plan for each one of them.
– Size: How many guests do you want to have at your wedding
– Style: Classic, elegant, simple, and more
– Location: In a church, outdoors, or other venue
– Budget: Weddings can cost from a couple of hundred to tens of thousands dollars and more
In addition, there are the colors, themes, music and other aspects that reflect the personality and style of the happy couple.
It is important to remember that the wedding is not just a single-day event, but one that really starts when the invitations are set out, the bridal shower, dinner or reception and more that happens over the course of several weeks. So, the better that you plan the wedding as a whole, the more successful it will be. You may do it all yourselves or hire a wedding planner, but in either case you will need to ensure that everything is carried out properly.
Important Aspects of the Wedding
Of the many aspects that your wedding will encompass, here are the most important areas that you’ll need to cover so that everything goes as well as possible.

Time: You’ll need time to plan the wedding which means starting right after the engagement is made. You need to set aside time to do the following;
– Brainstorm
– Discuss all the possibilities
– Look over the potential issues
– Have fun planning with less stress
Time is arguably the most crucial element as if you use the time wisely to plan and prepare, you will run into fewer issues and be able to better handle unexpected situations.
You will need to prioritize your wedding and break it down into different categories that include absolutely essential, very important, somewhat important and least important. This way, you can go down the list in the right order to ensure that what must be done is taken care of properly.
The absolute essentials of the wedding are the date, number of guests, budget, location, wedding vendor or provider, priest or preacher, and time of day. If you can take care of this list, then your wedding will avoid having major issues which might stop the whole thing.
Other aspects such as the florist, photographer, cake, attire, menu and beverages, invitations, wedding videographer and musicians or music are also important, but can be handled after you take care of the essentials. Finally, everything else that includes, but is not limited to the gifts for those who assist in your wedding, selection of music, favors, centerpieces, readings and so forth can be given attention after the important items are properly handled.
By prioritizing your wedding properly, you can enjoy far fewer mishaps and really enjoy the day for what it is meant to be.
Kamil Rauf is the founder of Cinecraft Wedding Filmmaker. Cinecraft is an Australian based company specialising in cinematic wedding video production.

The Basics of Budget Management for Wedding Planners

Whatever else a Wedding Planner’s clients may expect by way of professional services, budgetary control and management will be somewhere towards the top of their list of requirements.
This is actually a complicated subject and one that you can’t really do justice to in a brief article of this nature. Even so, it might be possible to outline just a few of the basic steps associated with budget management for weddings.
Green field scoping
No two couples are the same but the Wedding Planner may see certain relatively commonplace tendencies.
One of those is at the outset for couples to define expectations relating to their wedding which they subsequently have to dilute somewhat once budgetary reality sinks in.
To help in this process, the Wedding Planner will usually produce what is called a ‘first cut’ budget. This is usually a rough set of figures based on the couple’s initial requirements.
At this stage, it usually isn’t worth going into micro-level planning and budgeting detail because it is highly likely that the first rough bottom-line figure may well cause significant revisions in the couple’s overall wedding ideas.

First draft budget
Once the overall scope and scale of the wedding begins to stabilize, it is usually time to produce a detailed financial budget projection for the overall ceremony.
That will include all components of the wedding including not only things such as limousines, flower costs and reception venue rentals but also the Wedding Planner’s fees etc.
It is always highly advisable to build in a very significant contingency of perhaps around 20% to cover unexpected costs.
At this stage, the Wedding Planner’s clients should review the detailed budget and sign it off as being acceptable. It is a good idea to avoid entering into any contractual agreements with suppliers until such time as the budget has been formally accepted.

Although it is often a delicate subject, try to ascertain just who in reality will be paying for the wedding. What the Bride and Groom to be may decide is acceptable and agreed to, isn’t necessarily the same thing as what their respective parents might agree to should they be the ones that will actually be signing the cheques!
So, make sure you have the approval of the person who will be finally responsible for saying ‘yes’ or ‘no’ when bills arrive.
Tracking and changes
In all probability, the wedding bills won’t come in in one lump at the end.
The Wedding Planner will be receiving bills at all stages and needs to keep track of them in terms of their conformance to original quotes and projections.
If anything appears to be going significantly over budget, the arrangements for that particular item should be stopped until such time as the clients have agreed the additional expenditure. That should be reflected in the master budget and overall forecast total spend for the wedding and that again should be signed off.
Top tip
As wedding planning certification will usually stress, it is important to distinguish in your own mind between your role as a budget administrator and that of the budget controller (the latter typically being the person who is finally going to pick up the bills).
As a Wedding Planner, you are managing and administering the budget on behalf of your clients. It is not your money and you should be cautious about being held accountable for spending decisions made which your clients do not agree with.
So, avoid springing unexpected surprises on them by adopting a sound process of keeping them fully informed and getting their approval of any budget variances as they happen (and they usually will!) rather than present them as a fait accompli!
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Wedding Photography: 10 Top Tips for Great Group Portraits at Your Wedding

Ideally, all your group shots should be agreed with your photographer at your wedding planning meeting. I usually advise my clients to set aside about 45 minutes for group photographs. Most wedding schedules allow between one and two hours between the ceremony and the wedding breakfast, around an hour and a half would be the average. So if you allow 20 mins after the wedding for everyone to have a drink and congratulate the newlyweds, 5 or 10 minutes or so to corral everyone for a confetti shot you generally have a total of one hour to fit photos into. I don’t like to schedule all of this time as it is important to have a bit of leeway in case people disappear or are just difficult to get together. I prefer to work pretty quickly and keep things moving. Your guests’ enthusiasm can start to wane as you approach the hour mark. Luckily there are plenty of things you can do to make sure this part of the wedding runs

smoothly, and is enjoyable for you and your guests. These are my top ten tips to ensure group photos don’t become a chore that frustrates you and bores your guests.
1.Make Sure You Have a List.
The first step into making sure your group photos run smoothly is to agree a list of photos with your wedding photographer beforehand. Your photographer can guide you as to how long he thinks it will take and advise you if you have missed anything. If you are pressed for time in your wedding schedule the best way to make sure you run to time is to not have too many small variations in your list, or combine related shots into one larger group. For example, shoot bridesmaids and ushers as one group instead of photographing them separately. I always bring two or three hard copies if the list to each wedding. One for me and another for whoever is helping me round people up.
2. Start with large groups and gradually send people away.
It’s usually best to start off with the largest groups as people are easier to round up just after the ceremony, and less likely to have wandered off. Also guests tend to be smartest early on in the wedding, and loosen ties and take off jackets as the day goes on. Things like that can be hard to spot in a group of 120 people! Whittle the groups down so that immediate family and closest friends are last, as they are usually the most invested in having photos taken with you.
3. Ushers and Bridesmaids are Best for Rounding People Up.
I like to have someone to gather up the next group of guest while I am concentrating on the current shot. Ideally this should be someone who knows who most of the guests are. So if I say I need Auntie Mavis for the next photo, someone who knows what she looks like can go and fetch her. That’s why it is best to get an usher or bridesmaid to be the shot wrangler, it makes things a lot quicker.
4. Can People get Refreshments while they are Waiting?
Whenever possible it is better to shoot groups at the wedding reception where guests can get refreshments while waiting to be photographed. If I shoot group photos at the church I tend to work to a fairly short list and then complete them at the reception venue, especially in the height of the summer when people can be waiting around in the hot sun without access to water. This is especially true if you have older guests or small children in the wedding party.
5. Prioritize Older Guests.
If you have elderly family members at your wedding make sure they are photographed quickly and are not left standing around for obvious reasons. If you can make sure there is a place to sit nearby, so much the better.
6. Keep your Shooting Location close to the Wedding Guests.
This can be a real time saver. If the groups are shot even two minutes from where everyone is gathering it will take a minimum of four minutes to find that missing person or go and get a missing bouquet. This time can really add up if you are shooting 20 groups. Always make sure that your shooting location makes logistical sense as well as being nice to look at.
7. Make allowances for complicated family situations.
It is sometimes the case that a bride or grooms parents might be divorced or remarried. Often both birth and step parents are attending the wedding. In situations like this make sure your photographer knows exactly who is who so he or she doesn’t inadvertently cause offense or embarrassment. Sometimes this means shooting extra groups so that everyone feels valued and included, other times it just means carefully arranging individuals so no one feels uncomfortable.
8. If your list is too long – split it up.
There is nothing that says you have to shoot all of your group photos in one long session. You can just as easily break the list down and shoot groups at different times during the day. Groom and Bridal parties before the ceremony, family after the ceremony, and friends after the meal can work well. Breaking group sessions down into 10 minute chunks can make the a lot more manageable.
9. Make sure you have a plan for bad weather.
If you are unlucky and it rains on your wedding day, having a contingency plan will worth its weight in gold. You might be able to use an indoor space or have a decent supply of umbrellas, but having a plan will put your mind at ease. Nothing guarantees that it won’t rain on your wedding day like buying half a dozen white umbrellas!
10. Enjoy Yourself
I often tell my clients it’s my job to worry and your job to enjoy yourself. Do all your planning beforehand and then let the professionals at your wedding look after you, that’s what we’re all here for. From my point of view the happier the wedding party is, the easier it is to take great photos of them. Keeping you happy makes my job much easier!
Tobias Key is a wedding photographer in Chichester, West Sussex, UK. My dedicated wedding photography blog is It is full of hints and tips from a wedding insider on how to make your wedding day perfect!

Most Used Wedding Music

It starts with the sound of the organ striking a few high notes and everybody in the church turns to get that first look as the bride coming in with her father and her entourage of maids. Brides have always walked to this tune, one of the oldest weddings songs ever created.
Felix Mendelssohns’s “Wedding March” written in 1842 did not become popular until it was used for the royal wedding of the time for the then Princess Victoria. We all know it so well as it is engrained into our DNA and will always come up when wedding planning as to whether it will be used or not but from what I have seen lately as a photographer covering various weddings rich and poor the tune has changed.
Now this article is not going to focus on the royal weddings too much but I can’t ignore them either but touch on them as they do influence not only music but setting the fashion trend as well. Let’s rewind a little first to 29th July 1981 to Princess Diana & Prince Charles royal wedding.

Very traditional and opened with the “Trumpet Voluntary” by Jeremiah Clarke 1700 and really set the tone to the patronage of a sovereign wedding march. So through the 80’s things were pretty traditional and most church weddings always referred back to Felix. When the 90’s came about formality had changed and eased up a little as it was far simpler to have your wedding in a hotel or venue.
When the venue changed and moved out of the church the music also changed. Finally brides to be can now personalise their entire wedding theme, and although the wedding of Kate and Will influenced the fashion scene. The music scene was very much alive with a huge abundance of meaningful songs that would cater for the ear of each bride to be.
When I am photographing weddings I always keep a notepad to hand besides my camera(s) and take not of the bride’s arrival music, departure and first dance of the night. It helps me later on when I am putting together a presentation for the happy couple. So I felt it would be useful to anyone that’s interested to see my take on things so far. If this little wedding music collection helps another bride with their wedding planning I would not have wasted my time!
Wedding songs used up to the year 2000
Seal – Kiss from a rose (Batman)
Celine Dion – My heart will go on (the Titanic)
Lionel Ritchie and Diana Ross – Endless love (Endless Love ’81)
Whitney Houston – I will always love you (The Body Guard)
Gavin Friday – Angel (Romero & Juliet)
The Righteous Brothers – Unchained Melody (Ghost)
Roxette – It must have been love (Pretty Woman)
Aerosmith – I don’t want to miss a thing (Armageddon)
David Bowie – As the world falls down (The Labyrinth)
Pachelbel’s Canon in D major
OK, so looking at this list it seems the movies are the biggest influence here and this makes sense as besides a boom in the computing and gaming industry, watching movies was also a heavy contender in the 90’s and 2000’s.
Wedding Songs used in the year 2000 onwards
Take That – Rule the world (Startdust)
Christina Perri – A thousand years (Twilight)
Lonestar – Amazed
Enrique Iglesias – Hero (Smallville, Scrubs)
Beyoncé – Halo
Shania Twain ft Backstreet Boys – From this Moment
Blink-182 – What’s my age again
Pachelbel’s Canon in D major
Your Song by Elton John (Acoustic Version the Moon Loungers)
Seal – Kiss from a rose (Batman)
The Beatles – Love is all you need (Love Actually)
Well there it is, most used wedding songs and as you can see from the last list as technology has changed and music is more widespread than ever before the list has become more diverse over time. I will certainly update this article again later on and see what I can add.
By James McConnachie Photography
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Wedding and Its Rituals

North Indian Wedding Traditions
Indian Weddings are all about grandeur, splendor, opulence and magnificence. But there is yet another aspect to Indian weddings that cannot simply be undermined or negated. It is its religious adherence to customs and traditions. In keeping with Wedding Traditions in India, North Indian Weddings have also preserved their allegiance and loyalty to customs and traditions. North Indian Wedding Traditions include the solemn observation of innumerable customs.
All Indian weddings, no matter in which part of the country it is being celebrated is characterized by the observance of a number of rites and rituals. In North India too weddings are celebrated grandly. Wedding Traditions in North India are also marked by the ceremonious observance of rites and rituals.
The main wedding ceremony always takes place at the brides’ home. A mandap is set up and it is beautifully adorned with flowers and other decorative items. Friends and relations from near and far are invited to attend the wedding ceremony and they are treated to a grand dinner.
North Indian Wedding Traditions include certain religious rites which are not observed on the day of the wedding but before and after like Sagai, Sangeet, Tilak and Mehendi. The grooms’ place is sometimes the center of many of these customs. North Indian Wedding Traditions include the following
• Mangni or Sagai: It is what is better known as the Engagement ceremony.
• Madhupak: On the day of the wedding, the bride’s father extends a warm welcome to his would be son-in-law by treating him to yoghurt and honey.
• Jaimala: The bride and the groom exchange garlands as a mark of accepting each other. This is an important custom in North Indian Weddings.

• Kanyadaan: The bride’s hand is given away by her father to the groom. He asks him to accept her as his wife.
• Havan: The sacred fire is lit. It is believed that the fire will be a witness to the loyalty and the dedication that the two pledge towards each other. The priest offers sandalwood, ghee and herbs to the fire to keep it alight.
• Rajaham: It is offering of sacrifice to the ceremonial fire that has been kindled. Both the bride and the groom offer rice to the fire.
• Gath Bandhan: A part of the sari of the bride is tied to a part of the scarf around the groom as a symbol of their everlasting bond. It signifies that they are now one and the same and will be beside each other throughout life.
• Mangalaphera: Now for what is perhaps the most important part of North Indian Wedding Traditions. The couple encircles the fire seven times and each time they take a new vow, the highlight of which is that they will love, respect and appreciate each other, share joys, sorrows and responsibilities along the walk of life with each other.
• Jalastnchana: A rose is dipped in water and sprinkled on the bride and the groom by both set of parents.
• This is followed by putting of sindhoor or vermilion by the groom on the hair parting of the bride.
• The groom then ties the Mangalsutra, a particular type of necklace around the brides’ neck.

• Aashirvad: Before starting their walk along life’s pathway, they seek the blessings of the elders of the family.
This marks the end of the North Indian Wedding Ceremony. The celebrations though continue for long after this. All these North Indian Wedding Traditions have a peculiar charm which attracts each and every one.
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Contemporary Decor for Indian Weddings

It’s all about the attire, jewellery and food in an Indian wedding. And, of course, the decorations! They occupy as much importance as everything else in an Indian wedding. Wedding decor sets up the mood for celebrations. With weddings in India comprising of an array of rituals and ceremonies, decorations set apart one from another.
Irrespective of whether it is a theme based weddings or not, decor is an integral part of all weddings. They get the maximum attention from people and create eternal impressions. For decors, the eye of detail is the key in creating splendid wedding environments. Stunning decors also add a dash of class to the photographs and serve as alluring backdrops.
Traditional decors were limited in designs and style. However, with more and more brides and grooms opting for modern style weddings, the choices for decors have become limitless. Today, sky’s the limit when it comes to choosing decors for Indian weddings! Use your vivid imaginations and inspirations to create decors that will set your wedding apart from the rest. Let us explore some of latest decor trends that is doing rounds in Indian weddings.
Mandap or the centre stage
The centre stage is the most important aspect of any decor. It garners maximum attention from the guests as this is the place the bride and groom are confined to for most part of the wedding ceremony. For any centre stage, you must choose the colours wisely. When you have a wedding theme, stick to the colours pertaining to the theme. Alternatively, you can choose colours that will enhance the photos. Generally, shades of gold, copper and red look great on any centre stage. Having simple minimalistic decorations can work. Add eye-grabbing props and match the backdrop with the carpet, seating or any other additional decor pieces you add.

Can you imagine an Indian wedding without flowers? Of course, not! Flowers are considered to be auspicious and hence are a must-have decor in any wedding. They add a flair to the contemporary decor. They help bring the artistic side in you. There are innumerable ways in which you can use flowers to brighten the hall. Traditional garlands, flower vases, centerpieces, flowers can be included in any way you want. White, red, pink and yellow shades are most preferred for a wedding. However, you can use lavender, purple or related shades to stand out in the crowd.
Say hello to coloured lighting this wedding season. Lightings are an integral part of Indian weddings. They brighten and highlight the centre stage. They are a must-have decor for any wedding. Fairy lights, thorans, coloured lights, lanterns, lamps – the possibility of decorating your hall with lights are limitless. To add a contemporary touch, use paper lanterns, add table lamps to the guest seating area or glow-in-the-dark lights for the reception.
Fabrics add the much needed texture to your wedding decor. Traditionally, the center stage is decorated with fabrics. For a modern look, you can add a dash of colour to spice up an otherwise sober decor. Further, using bright colour fabrics will minimize the cost of other decorations, which is great for budget weddings.
It is amazing how a little inspiration and imagination can transform your wedding decor from good to amazing. Have fun with your decors and never hesitate to tell your story in your own unique way.
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Beauty Equipment For a Mobilized Beauty Salon

An additional solution that is provided at many hair salons is an expert hairdo. If you believed your normally curly hair might never ever be corrected, believe once more, since the majority of credible hair salons could function marvels in this division. Provide your neighborhood beauty salon an opportunity to alter your appearance for the evening.

If going to a beauty salon makes you a little anxious or uneasy due to the fact that you have actually never ever offered it a shot in the past, currently is the time to do it. You will likely discover that you will certainly such as having a brand-new appearance for a day. This is a wonderful method to attempt out a momentary brand-new appearance.

You do not require to going to the beauty salon daily to do so. You could likewise obtain ideas for using your makeup so that it constantly looks expertly done.

Prior to you buy an utilized chair, it is constantly a good idea to examine it for any kind of issue. You need to buy just, if you are pleased with its problem. Since you never ever understand regarding its problems, Purchasing a made use of chair online is not a great suggestion.

While some beauty salons concentrate on one beauty care therapy, there are others that provide a mix of 2 or 3, or perhaps all sorts of therapies discussed over. Go to a relied on regional beauty salon where individuals that will certainly be servicing you are trained specialists that recognize just what they are doing. Treat on your own to a day of just body therapy that will certainly leave you really feeling stunning, spoiled as well as completely unwinded after that.
You could assume that a beauty salon is just beneficial if you are a young adult going to senior prom or some various other high institution dancing. You do not have to still be in high institution to appreciate this kind of service, as lots of grownups likewise like going to hair salons.
Whether you are looking to have your hair styled, tinted or reduced, you will certainly be anticipating the ideal solution distribution every time. What consequently are the parts of a great hair salon?

Specialized solutions – Apart from supplying the usual salon solutions, a great salon will certainly supply far more. Specialized solutions are very important in making sure that they could manage any type of customer, consisting of those with demands to have their ethnic hair or curly hair to name a few looked after in the very best method feasible. With such solutions, no customer is locked out even if she or he has hair that is special in structure and also quantity; the pros understand simply how you can manage all sorts of hair.

To locate an ideal beauty parlor in malaysia at your location, firstly you have to comprehend whether the salon is a specialist common salon in regard to salon interior decoration and also setting. The hair treatment item being used need to be expert criteria such as Indola Professional, Shishedo Professional or GoldWell Professional.

Many of these materials could consist of items like hair shampoos, conditioners, hair styling lotions, gels, hair colouring, waxes, along with various other kind of beauty products. It is a tried and tested reality that contemporary hair beauty salons could aid you in obtaining preferable hair sizes and also designs gave that you are taking the appropriate therapy from ideal salon. Some prominent hair stylists recommend that an excellent approach to discover the best hair salon is to take into consideration those ladies that have wonderful looking hair. The ideal hair salon typically will specialize in numerous kinds of hair design to fit your photo.

The experience – Professional hair stylists are not in the area to tip right into various other locations of rate of interest, they offer their finest as well as commit their entire lives to the occupation. Via years of experience, you could be certain to obtain the ideal hair therapies, shade, design and also cut from these specialists.

Picking the appropriate hair clothing store for on your own is not that hard if you understand where to situate them, you a lot understand the crucial concern you ought to ask. Make certain you constantly ask where their hair cares items from. With these, you could conveniently discover an ideal hair salon for on your own.

Professionals claims, “While browsing for an appropriate area for hair therapy and also cut, ladies generally think that a salon with a wonderful framework, lots of ad and also numerous other flashy points would certainly be an excellent salon”. While choosing the finest hair salon, you are not expected to take into consideration a salon with as well lots of modern-day services yet rather you must pick a salon that provides ideal solutions.

When utilizing the ideal of items as well as hair devices, it comes to be less complicated for the stylists to attain the ideal of outcomes with the hair without triggering any kind of problems to it. You need to in fact also delight in valuable guidance on which hair items are best for your hair kind.

Range of solutions – A superb beauty parlor will certainly provide a wide variety of solutions to cover all customer requires. Besides the hair essentials such as designing, tinting the hair as well as reducing, various other solutions that could be provided by an expert hairdresser consist of scalp therapies, deep conditioning, manicure, makeup and also pedicure or even massage therapies to name a few solutions. The even more the solutions the much easier it will certainly be to obtain whatever that you require under one roofing system as well as this is necessary in conserving you money and time.

Apart from the hair essentials such as designing, tinting the hair as well as reducing, various other solutions that could be used by a specialist hair salon consist of scalp therapies, deep conditioning, pedicure, makeup as well as manicure as well as also massage therapies amongst various other solutions.

There are several occasioning currently every client as well as a day will certainly search for various hairdo for their various celebrations. This is the hair stylist liable to their salon in order to offer high top quality, solution, as well as imaginative reducing ability for various events required by consumer.

Comprehend that the objective of your business is to provide expert solutions for your clients. Clearly, if you desire to produce customer complete satisfaction, the solutions you give demand to the extremely best.

It’s the standard truth that people will certainly constantly be prepared to make themselves show up appealing which defines why a cosmetic salon will certainly not drop out of design. If you’re able to take treatment of the venture in the ideal means and also obtain the self-confidence of customers, after that your organisation will absolutely expand to be effective. One crucial element that you ought to not neglect is the instance of providing the appropriate salon materials.

Continuous training – Every specialist salon proprietor understands the altering nature of the globe of fashion as well as the very same mosts likely to hairdo and also methods. He will certainly for that reason focus on routine training for his stylists to make certain that they depend on day with the most up to date hair solutions, strategies as well as devices not neglecting items. Normal internal training could be all a salon has to use you quality or it could be educating outside the salon.

Making use of the ideal salon products, the company will inevitably be in its finest operating state. Many of these products could consist of items like hair shampoos, conditioners, hair styling lotions, gels, hair colouring, waxes, along with various other kind of beauty things. Being the beauty salon owner, it’s your commitment to make certain that many of these products are continuously well-stocked.

Simply be certain that you do service with a distributor that could supply you with supplies on a normal basis. To locate the finest marketing rate as well as item choice, it is better that you acquire the sources in considerable amounts. The great point is, there are numerous various distributors that purely focus in wholesale beauty materials.

Sufficient stylists – The worst that you could experience is to need to wait eligible hrs even if a beauty parlor does not have sufficient stylists. An excellent beauty parlorworths every consumer and also for this reason will certainly stay on par with the expanding customers base by utilizing even more specialists. This makes it feasible for you to delight in the solutions as quickly as you turn up.

Considerations For Choosing a Beauty Salon

* Communication is extremely important in a salon. You need to have the ability to connect with your stylist as well as he must pay attention to just what you need to claim very first prior to supplying their expert viewpoint. The stylists must have the ability to interact well with their consumers.

* Before in fact going to the hair salon, you could call them initially as well as ask for their solutions as well as if they provide the solutions that you desire. If the salon has an internet site, you could examine it out so that you will certainly understand a little concerning the hair salon.

An examination permits you to “really feel out” a hair salon prior to making a dedication to a stylist that you could be sorry for. The majority of hair beauty parlors likewise have a profile that you could look with of previously and also after images, which could offer you a feeling of exactly what kind of job do.

For discovering a leading hair salon, examine the phone publication to see all the salon listings and also just what they have to supply to their clients. There is no damage in strolling right into a hair salon simply to see exactly what they are like and also to see them reducing somebody’s hair and also doing a great task. You could look into hair beauty parlors by utilizing the web to see exactly what various other consumers have to state regarding them as well as if they have an excellent score.

Just how do you prevent reserving a consultation with negative hair beauty salons? You need to recognize the indications. Adopt a check out as well as make note of the following:

Customer care

Terrific hairdresser will certainly constantly to their ideal to relieve any type of worries you have.

Consumer solution need to be a top priority for every hair salon. Take an appearance around and also look at the consumers. Do they look like they are appreciating themselves?

Past this, believe concerning any type of communications you have with the salon personnel. Do they supply to reveal you are as well as address any type of concerns you had?

General Experience

All fantastic hair beauty parlors are tidy, arranged, and also have a distinct allure. If the hair salon looks dated, the abilities of the hair stylists might be dated.

Choice of Services

Many beauty salons have wedding celebration plans, where make up solutions, hair designing as well as coloring is carried out by one salon, in conformity with the general motif of the wedding event. That is if you do not such as a certain hair salon, after that you have to look for one more up until you will ultimately locate the excellent hair salon for you. If the salon has an internet site, you could examine it out so that you will certainly recognize a little regarding the hair salon. For discovering a leading hair salon, inspect the phone publication to see all the salon listings and also exactly what they have to provide to their clients.

Stay clear of a much less compared to unforgettable salon experience by doing your research. It could be best to reserve your visit somewhere else if you question the top quality of a salon also the tiniest little bit.

Great hair beauty parlors have it all. If the beauty salons solutions are restricted, they are most likely not up to day regarding the newest fads as well as design alternatives.

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Various other centers provided by salon medspas are swimming pools as well as vapor spaces, which are all intended at boosting one’s salon experience.

Another preferred solution supplied by salon are massage therapies. They assist launch stress from the body along with boost psychological well being. Restorative oils and also creams are amongst the numerous items that are used by your favored masseur or masseuse throughout a massage therapy.

It is constantly a practical as well as reasonable technique, to remember your spending plan prior to you begin seeking newest beauty tools. Acquiring a brand-new chair would certainly not verify worthwhile up until it sets you back much less and also you have all the centers in it that you require. You might require several salon chairs, so it is constantly a smart selection to choose more affordable options.

The wholesale stores in USA and also Canada supply a great range of utilized chairs at a sensible price. Apotheosis 1007-EB is a kind of chair that not just assists in activity however is additionally simple to make use of.

Males and female that have excess hair most likely to beauty hair salons for a hair elimination therapy via the ways of threading (generally made use of for eyebrow or face hair elimination) or shaving (for getting rid of excess hair on arms, legs, swimwear location, or underarms). An unique type of wax, strips, and also relaxing creams are some instances of hair elimination items utilized for shaving, while a double-stranded string made from cotton is utilized for the threading technique.

If you’re releasing a brand-new beauty salon, or are modernising or refurbishing your existing salon, after that you’ll intend to ensure that you have every little thing you supply the therapies your clients anticipate.

Not All Beauty Salons Are the Same

The major solutions used in hair beauty parlors are hair designing and also coloring. Excellent hair designs could considerably boost an individuals whole appearance, therefore most hair salons have hair stylists especially for this function. It is as a result not simply an issue of styling hair, however salon specialists additionally make sure that such designs are one-of-a-kind to each individual.

Beauty salons supply numerous skin treatment solutions such as facials, which are excellent for various kinds of skins. Various other solutions supplied by beauty salons relate to skin therapy, which usually entails dealing with specific skin problems such as decreasing acnes or acne marks.

Various other kinds of hair salon solutions are nail treatment and also medical spa therapy solutions. At the exact same time, many beauty salons have actually integrated medspa therapy solutions which consist of solutions such as body massage therapy as well as shaving. Various other centers used by salon health clubs are swimming pools as well as heavy steam areas, which are all intended at boosting one’s salon experience.

A lot of beauty salons have wedding event bundles, where make up solutions, hair designing as well as coloring is taken on by one salon, in conformity with the total motif of the wedding celebration. With all the kinds of hair salon solutions readily available, it needs to not be as well tough to embrace and also keep an appearance that brings out the ideal in an individual.

In years previous, hair salon solutions were primarily scheduled for females, given that they are generally extra worried concerning their look compared to males. In this post, various kinds of hair salon solutions have actually been talked about in information.

Discovering a great salon is a lot like locating the ideal hair item for you. That is if you do not such as a specific hair salon, after that you have to look for an additional up until you will ultimately discover the best hair salon for you.

All use the salon solutions noted above.

Tips on how you can locate the best beauty parlor

Discovering a leading hair salon is essential for offering a lady the design that she desires. When looking for a leading hair salon, you will certainly discover out there are numerous means to do this such as asking individuals you are close to. Pals, family members, as well as next-door neighbors will certainly be able to inform you info for you concerning the hair salons they have actually made use of as well as hair stylists they such as.

* Start with the tiny solutions initially like cutting your hair when you are pleased with the total outcome, you could tip up to the larger solutions such as hair cut and also hair shade.

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Among the greatest errors most individuals make when selecting a salon and also hair stylist, is not going to prior to they schedule a consultation. There are numerous scary tales regarding individuals being offered splits over a disappointment. Individuals have actually had their hair messed up by a negative hair shade, negative hairstyle, perm, or experience while in the chair.

With the requirement for salon to supply high as well as specialist high quality solution to stay affordable in the very affordable hairdressing salon market, there are ending up being couple of negative hairdresser. With so several to pick from, it could be hard for individuals to locate an excellent salon.

It is crucial to keep in mind bigger beauty salons are not constantly far better compared to the little ones.

There is certainly a clear difference in between top quality specialist beauty salons as well as various other typical hairstyle beauty salons. While this might not appear in an ad, a check out will promptly assist you figure out if the salon is a negative one.

* You could ask your close friends, household, colleagues as well as complete unfamiliar people for a recommendation. Word of mouth is occasionally the very best recommendation however bear in mind that what benefit your friends and family may not help you.

* When looking into a salon, observe very closely their hygienic treatments such as making use of tidy combs as well as brushes, hygienic neck strips, tidy job terminal and also a basic feeling of sanitation. Do not ever before come back if a salon really feels and also looks unclean.

With these ideas, you must have the ability to locate the excellent salon for you.

Make certain you examine out the salon, ask individuals that have actually been there, and also take to the hairdresser prior to scheduling and also visit. When you are half method with your consultation, the last point you desire to do is understand you made a blunder.

* Location. You desire a salon that lies easily near your house or speed of job. If you need to go escape of your method to take a trip to your salon, it will certainly take additional money and time to obtain there as well as you possibly will not go as frequently as you such as.

* A salon is a specialist area as well as you need to really feel like you have actually tipped right into a location of deluxe and also leisure. The stylists ought to show positive, favorable mindsets regarding their work environment.

When discovering a leading salon, you must look at both the little and also bigger beauty parlors in your location. The bigger organisations might additionally bill a lot more so it is best to examine around initial prior to you choose which hair salon to go to for a design and also a cut. Lots of times in the smaller sized beauty salons there are even more individuals with years of experience cutting and also designing hair.